Announcing New Vestry and Staff

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual meeting on Sunday, January 27, 2019!

It was a wonderful combination of our two services, plus children from noisy mass, and our newest members from St. Luke’s. We shared our good news from an amazing, vibrant 2018, and our hopes and plans as we move forward into another year.

We have a new vestry for 2019:
Pete Smyth (20) – Senior Warden

Lisa Bell Stewart (22) – Junior Warden

Jim Ward (22)

Jerry Williams (22)

Mary-Jane Wood (22)

Rhea Williams (21)
Emily Hopkins (20)

Deborah Webster (20)

Richard Colombo (20)

Sheri Grosjean (20)

Thank You to our outgoing vestry members:

Jim Bell (19) – Senior Warden (for three years!)

Emily Lagrone (19)

Maureen Horton (19)

Also, thanks to our wonderful CFO, Jennifer Machado and Clerk of Vestry, Frances Sturgess, who will continue to serve in these roles in 2019.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Larry Crummer has joined us permanently as our Music Minister.

We look forward to a wonderful 2019 which will be a year of excitement and opportunity!