Where are We?!

Where are We?!

I bet not many of us really ask ourselves this question – well unless we find ourselves without the GPS – but I think we ought to be asking ourselves this question more frequently.

I may think this way because I don’t use a GPS.  I always look at a map before I head out to somewhere that I am not used to going to and this allows me the opportunity to see not just where I am going, but where I am, and then more importantly all the places in between where I am and where I am going. This, I am sure, makes me quite old fashioned.

Seeing further than the next street that I need to turn on helps me to understand and feel comfortable with where it is I find myself and brings me a satisfaction of learning more about the environment within which I am traveling and helps me to grasp options that our handy little GPS gadget doesn’t give me.

Life, like traffic, often throws down mud slides and traffic jams and accidents and that calls for rerouting. By looking at the bigger map and familiarizing myself with my surroundings and even possible alternate routes I can more easily continue on my journey, heading in the direction of growth and understanding and in the forward movement that takes me along to where it is I am going.

My trip may take a little longer and it will certainly be more interesting, I will probably have to stop more often, but oh the joy of it all!

I pray for your journey.