Remain Calm

Remain Calm

Remaining Calm?

Is it really possible when the world seems to be on fire?

We have entered into the worst of our fire season here in California and for those of us in the East Bay this season is very real and quite scary. The smoke is thick and the number of lives lost and homes destroyed is heartbreaking. We pray for our sisters and brothers in Sonoma and Napa as we pray for all those who are displaced by natural disasters throughout our nation.

It feels as if we are in constant prayer for the hurt and damage that our sister and brother human beings are suffering; damage at the hands of violence and hatred and damage at the hands of nature. It feels as if we are on alert a lot these days and I wonder when it is my own chest will unclench from the agony of such pain and suffering. It feels as if we’ve left behind “normal” and we now live…I don’t know where.

I don’t think it’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt ungrounded from a reality that I prefer, I know it isn’t the first time in my life that I’ve questioned the reality around me, and I know that each time I find myself questioning my surroundings I am also reminded of the deep trust that I have in God. That trust is what helps me to find peace in the midst of a world that feels far from peaceful and re-centers my mind and my heart in such a way that I can continue to breathe without gasping.

I think that to remain calm means to breath in the love of God and to exhale the peace that passes all understanding.

Peace and Prayers to you,