Silence, Peace, Darkness – Lent

Silence, Peace, Darkness – Lent

We are now entering into the most reflective season of our Christian calendar: Lent. I’ve always been especially fond of this season, I like the rhythm of the season, I like the thoughtfulness of the season, I like the darkness of the season. I really like the music of the season and always wait expectantly to hear some of my favorite hymns and anthems.

It is no coincidence that Lent happens in the seasonal time-frame of winter, a time where the earth has gone dormant in so many ways and in so many places. Lent is dependent upon the Easter Day schedule and since Easter Day is a moveable feast, Lent moves along with it. Easter Day is related to the vernal/spring equinox (for the Northern Hemisphere) and for us it represents the arrival of spring and the radical changes of season from that dormant period of regeneration to the fresh arrival of new life that comes forth from the earth.

For me the love and joy of Lent isn’t so much resting in the actual darkness of this time but in the peaceful quiet that dormancy allows for. Being raised by grandparents who were tied to the earth as farmers, instilled in me the beauty of what the dirt was going through – revitalization necessary for bringing forth life. I would walk the garden with my Grandpa and he would explain to me that this rich black soil needed the hard freeze of winter to help rebuild the nutrients and minerals that would then feed the seedlings that he would plant.

I have learned in my life and experiences that it is through the darkness that I find light.

I pray that we are all able to live into this time of Lent. A time for reflection and honesty about who we are and what we are and how we are.

I pray that we are all able to rest in the assurance of God’s love and purpose for our lives and for our beloved community and for our broken world.

Embrace this time of darkness with the peace that only God brings.