Reflections from Rev. Krista

Reflections from Rev. Krista

Dear People of God,

Can you believe it has been a year since I came to St. Paul’s!

I was talking to one of my clergy colleagues who started at his church around the same time I started at St. Paul’s. He asked me, “So, it has been a year, do you think you understand the rhythm of the parish yet?” I laughed, “There is a rhythm? I only know one speed at St. Paul’s: GO!”

It has been an extraordinary year!

St. Paul’s has been buzzing with construction on both sides of the campus. St. Paul’s Commons transformed from a pile of dirt and rubble into a four story building. We started work on the kitchen and repairs on 1944 Trinity. We said goodbye to staff and friends and welcomed new faces and new staff.

Even though this year has required a good set of running shoes, I am so grateful to be here and look for- ward to the ministry we will continue to share together.

On September 7, at 10:30 a.m. Canon Abbott Bailey will come and celebrate our new ministry together. It is often known as the “Installation of a New Rector,” but as you might have heard me say, “I’m not a lamp.” At the service, we exchange some symbolic gifts that represent the ministry that we will share in the years to come. A luncheon will follow the service.

We are gearing up for a second extraordinary year when we will open the doors of St. Paul’s Commons and welcome Trinity Center back on our campus. We will also welcome a new Associate and Communications Specialist.

Perhaps the rhythm of St. Paul’s is to be extraordinary!

Many Blessings,

The Rev. Krista Fregoso