Annual Mission Trip to Honduras

¡Ven conmigos a Tegucigalpa, Honduras cada Enero!
Come with us to Tegucigalpa, Honduras each January!

Some people may ask, “Even in times of plenty, there are always local issues that demand our attention, so how can we justify helping strangers?” Great Question!

Rev. Titus Presler, Episcopal priest and missionary writes, “We Live in a global village where interdependence and intercommunication, not isolation, are the keynotes…the choice is not either-or, but both-and…Responding to human need expresses the fullness of the gospel and is inherent in Christian mission…” This counter-intuitive quote points out that we are not in isolation, but in a global community. This helps us build a better world.

We are made in God’s image and likeness.  Jesus Christ came to be in relationship with us, reminding us that we are meant to love and care for one another. This is not done out of pity, nor are we saviors. (That job’s already spoken for!) This is why we have the opportunity to bridge divides in the world, both locally and abroad.

Missioners from various churches in our Diocese travel to the Episcopal Church of San Juan Evangelista on the outskirts of Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We work with children and adults of the community building relationships in arts and crafts, games, prayer, Bible lessons, a building project, and field trips to the National Museum.

Missioners pay all their own travel and lodging expenses, so all fundraising goes to the projects.

To learn more and download the sponsorship form, click here: Honduras Child Sponsorship

If you can’t go there yourself, Click here to sponsor a child (or a few!) and pay online.
· When: Donations accepted year round
· Where: Villa Nueva, Honduras
· Cost: $30 to sponsor each child
· Contact: For More Information please contact Rev. Jeff Dodge, or 925-934-2324


What are the logistical details? We travel as a group when possible and stay at the same bed/breakfast every year called the Humuya Inn, and it is our “home base”. The rooms are clean and comfortable and the food is safe and delicious. The rates are very reasonable and include a hearty continental breakfast. In the last several years we have paid an average of about $1,000 per person for the 7 days we are on mission. The price that varies the most is the airfare. All of us take responsibility for our own costs and all fund raising efforts go to cover the cost of the projects we are asked to do at the mission site. By being a part of the mission team, we commit to make every effort to participate in raising the money for the projects.