Looking for a Church Community?

If you are looking for a church community to join, look no further! St. Paul’s Episcopal Church just might be what you’re looking for. This family has over 125 years of worship, love, and service to Walnut Creek.

Established in 1888, our legacy found its deep roots in active support
from the ground up in building both the community and, well, the buildings.

Our living faith is evidenced in our commitment
to high-quality and transformative liturgy,
and in the care we take of each other in our family.

Our growing community is both inside and out.
We have many lay-led ministry teams and outreach programs.
We support Trinity Center,
the Homelessness daytime care center and advocacy program next door.
We share our space with St. Peter and St. Paul’s Palestinian Orthodox Church
and Open Door Fellowship.


Here’s a brief history of the parish…

The first Episcopal worship service in the Walnut Creek area was held in the public school house on August 21 1887 with the Reverend James Abercrombie, D.D. officiating. In those days the Episcopal community gathered for monthly worship and fellowship in the old town hall and in the homes of its members. In June 1888 St. Paul’s mission was organized. A lot was purchased on Locust Street for $175. By traveling around the countryside selling homemade jams and preserves, putting on bazaars and obtaining donations, some women of the tiny mission raised enough money to begin church construction on Locust Street. The total building cost $1600! Two years after construction, the mortgage was cleared and on April 26, 1891 the church was consecrated.

For the next several years there was no resident clergyman and the mission went through precarious times. Due to the devotion of a few “regulars” however, the little mission church slowly grew and a parish hall was added in 1931 for $2800. St. Paul’s graduated from a mission to a parish church on September 26, 1944. The parish quickly outgrew its facilities and in 1947 the existing site at 1924 Trinity Avenue was purchased. The decision was made to “take the little church with us” and so on October 20, 1950 the sturdy redwood building was trundled up the hill and given a central location on the new property.

A few years later the church school classrooms and parish hall were added. This sturdy redwood church continues to serve as Walnut Creek’s oldest church building and now as the parish chapel. Weekday services are held in the chapel and the Sunday morning Eucharist.