Beliefs & Values

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What We Believe

We believe there is One God who is beyond any definition,
in relationship to all that is.

As Episcopalians, we find our relationship with God through the life, example,
teachings, and divinity of Jesus whom we call the Christ.

We believe the mission of the church is reconciliation:
unity with God and each other through commitment to unconditional love.

We are not merely a collection of individuals;
we are a part of beloved community.

What We Value

Faith is a journey, not an event or activity;
wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you.

We find unity in shared practice, not in forced agreement.

There is room for difference.

We don’t have all the answers;
we welcome questions.

We understand ourselves to have one hand connected to the past,
the other connected to the future,
with both feet planted in the present.

Our spirituality is one of thought, word, and deed.

The most important aspect of our lives together
is building loving relationships of trust and support.