St. Paul’s is grateful to be a part of the celebration of your love and commitment to God and each other!  St. Paul’s does not have a Wedding Director; however, all questions and plans can be directed to our Facility Manager at or 925-934-2324 to begin your process. In the meantime, here are our guidelines for making your day the best it can be!

Church or Chapel?
The Church holds up to 300 people, and the Chapel comfortably seats 50 people.

Setting the Date:
Contact the Facility Manager for availability. Due to heavy demand for weddings at certain times of the year, we suggest you have alternative dates and times in mind. The rehearsal is usually the evening before the wedding. When a date is selected, a “Facility Use Agreement” will be prepared. An initial payment is required at the signing of the agreement in order to secure the date.

Considering the sacredness of a church wedding, we encourage music that integrates the worship experience with the celebration of your love. Our Wedding Organist has a list of appropriate literature and solo selections to assist you, if necessary. It is your responsibility to contact the organist for selection of music. Unless contacted at least two weeks prior to the wedding, the organist will make the selections.

Wedding Rehearsal:
The rehearsal is normally held the evening prior to the wedding. A maximum of 90 minutes is scheduled for your rehearsal, so please be prompt!

All arrangements for flowers and decorations are made by the wedding party. You may arrange for an outside Florist, or contact the Facility Manager to have St. Paul’s provide appropriate floral arrangements. Floral decorations must be completed, including cleanup, one hour prior to the wedding.

You may use the photographer of your choice. Please, no flash photography during the wedding service. Posed pictures before and after the ceremony are permissible. Guests are requested not to take pictures during any part of the ceremony. Videotaping is permitted using a maximum of three cameras. The videographer remains stationary at a predetermined location throughout the ceremony, and uses only natural light.

Other Details
Alcohol: Due to licensing, only wine and champagne are allowed.
Smoking:  It is understood that St. Paul’s is a smoke free facility, including the grounds, and smoking is only allowed on the city sidewalk in the front of the property.
Rice, birdseed, rose petals and confetti may not be used or thrown on church property, inside or out.
Bubbles are permitted outside the buildings.

Reception and Rehearsal Dinner
The reception and/or rehearsal dinner should be scheduled with the Facility Manager at the time the wedding date is set. The Parish Hall seats approximately 160 guests, and must be booked in advance. Any decorating of the facilities must be done the day of the wedding. Kitchen facilities are not included, but may be arranged with the Facility Manager.