Young Adults

The first thing that attracted people to the Jesus movement was the fact that he welcomed anyone to eat with him.

This might not seem strange to us, but in the ancient world, it was considered wrong to eat with anyone who wasn’t in your inner circle. Jesus challenged the class structure of Rome by eating with all. He challenged the understandable tendency of the Judean people to be selective in their company based on Torah (Ancient Israel’s Scripture and Legal Code) and on personal safety. It was the way Jesus and his followers sought to include everyone at the table, that made this small Jewish sect gather so much traction among non-Jewish people as well as Jesus’ own community, the Jews.  This is what we’re trying to recreate: a chance to gather together and share our stories and a simple symbolic meal. In this we get to know one another and explore what our relationship to God, who cannot be defined, continues to be.

Have you ever wanted to ask questions about what you hear in church? Have you ever wanted to see what church can be like through new eyes? Come join us every 3rd Thursday night of the month! Bring a friend, make friends, and hear powerful stories, both ancient and new, and see what you can bring to the table that helps us all grow together in our spiritual journey.


It’s a common thing that people want to divide sacred and natural. Why not be reminded that they’re one and the same? Check out this diocesan initiative: Holy Hikes

Got any good ideas for ways to work a chance to get together in our busy schedules? Wanna know more about how to plug into the life of St. Paul’s as a young adult? Email Rev. Jeff Dodge and start a conversation! It’s a great time in the parish to explore options.