Giving to the Endowment Fund

We are richly blessed. God has given us each many gifts including the wonders of the natural world, the blessings of friends and family, the talents and abilities we possess, and our financial and material resources. All are gifts from God.

Christian stewardship involves the faithful management of all God’s gifts. As part of that management we are called by God to support his ministry generously and without hesitation.

Many people give regularly to support the ongoing activities of the congregation. In addition to this important support, members may choose to share their bountiful resources with others either as a gift while living or as a planned distribution of their estate when they are at last called home to Christ.

We encourage you to support the fund to the greatest extent you are able.

Why the St Paul’s Endowment Fund?

The St Paul’s Episcopal Church Endowment Fund is dedicated to the advancement of Christ’s gospel to all His children by providing for existing ministries, extending the church’s ministry beyond these programs, and by providing resources to meet future needs.

What is the Fund?

It is a vehicle designed to receive gifts and appreciated resources from members, their families and friends. It is a perpetual fund from which only the earnings are distributed for the faithful management of one of God’s gifts to humankind: our financial gifts. The Fund is separate and distinct from day to day operating funds of the church which are provided by members annual pledges and regular weekly offerings.

How is the Fund administered?

The Endowment Fund Committee is made up of the church treasurer and six other church members with the rector as advisor. The committee is responsible for making policy recommendations to the Vestry and implementing these policies in relation to the professional management teams and disbursement of the gifts as well as counseling and communicating with members.

How will the Fund be managed?

The Endowment Fund is professionally managed and provides income to the church based upon our Fund’s market value. The income will provide support for St. Paul’s Church’s target ministries or an individualized plan.

When will income be dispersed?

The fund is intended to exist in perpetuity, which means the principal investment will not be diminished by withdrawals. A portion of the income generated will be distributed on an annual basis at the discretion of the Fund Committee. The more our fund grows, the larger the income will be that it provides.

How can gifts be made to the Fund?

Outright Gifts

• Cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or assignment of life insurance policies remainder interest

• Naming the Fund as a remainder interest in a retirement plan, IRA, Keogh account, savings account, C.D., life estate (home), charitable life income remainder/trust/annuity, or a revocable living trust

Gifts by Bequest (the giving of assets through a will)

• Specific/primary bequests of a dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific piece of property

• Residuary bequests, which designate the Fund to receive the remainder of your estate after all specific bequests have been made

• Contingent bequests, which designate the Fund as the beneficiary if other beneficiaries do not survive

Individualized Plans

• Gifts can be given anonymously or in memory or honor of someone. Except where specifically instructed by the donor, income from the gifts will be used toward St. Paul’s Church’s target ministries.

What are the Fund’s Target Ministries?

It is currently supporting the following: Operating Fund, Music, Youth Programs, Property & Building, and the Chapel Maintenance Fund. Other programs also can be established in the future.

How do I get more information?

Call the Church Office at (925) 934-2324 or e-mail the Church Office.