The parish of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, recognizing that our community service needs have outgrown our current facilities, has launched an exploration into the development of a new community center facility to house St. Paul’s Ministries, Trinity Center, and other community groups as well as Affordable Housing.  An exploratory committee has developed and approved goals, identified a development partner, and is in the process of developing a proposal.  The project core concepts include:

  • The Community Center must support all potential users of the space as well as Trinity Center, and be flexibly designed to adjust as needs and tenants change.
  • The affordable housing target population should be workforce housing for extremely low income residents.
  • The financing plan must be no cost to St. Paul’s, and include predevelopment costs, construction, and ongoing maintenance, and options to build-out the community space
  • A system for how building and landscape maintenance are managed in a shared environment, including both housing and community space, must be defined.
  • Clear accountability will be established for the various phases and aspects of the project, from planning through execution and ongoing maintenance.

The Vestry appointed an exploratory committee that is working with a developer, Resources for Community Development (RCD) and Pyatok Associates, and gathering input and consultation from the Parish, Diocese and Community to explore options for how we can plan and build for the future. Members are Molly Clopp, Richard Kemink, Donna Colombo, Charles Couch, Julie Layne and Jennifer Machado.

RCD has a history of bringing people and resources together to create properties that benefit the whole community. Their vision is that all residents have safe and affordable homes that enhance their quality of life, and their mission is to create and preserve affordable housing for those with the fewest options, to build community and enrich lives. RCD has a strong reputation as a skilled developer, stable owner, and a mission-driven service and housing provider

RCD’s goals and priorities include:

  • Community engagement
  • Good design and compatibility within the community
  • Ongoing operation during construction
  • Long term sustainability
  • Resident empowerment and engagement

RCD’s plan for collaboration includes:

  • Encourage parish participation in design workshop series
  • Communicate closely with Vestry representatives on key decisions
  • Minimize potential impacts during construction
  • Facilitate the continuous operations of community services, including Trinity Center
  • Create employment and training opportunities

RCD has built a strong partnership with the John Stewart Company Property Management Company, who would manage the affordable housing units on site once construction is completed.

Please feel free to contact the committee members with any questions and input, or email