St. Paul’s Concert Series

Welcome to St. Paul’s Concert Series, providing world-class performances at a donation-based family-friendly admission price, here in the community of Walnut Creek.

Our venue is proud to present these world-class performers in our season line-up!

2019  Performances

  • 1/19/19  7pm: William Feasley  – Classical Guitarist “Echos of Goya”
  • 2/23/19  7pm:  Temirzhan Yerzhanov and Klara Frei – Piano Duet
  • 3/16/19 7pm:  Christopher and Sandra Bengochea, Tenor and Soprano Duet – “Love Song” with Simona Snitkovskaya, Piano
  • 4/6/19 7pm:   CANCELLED - MusAlliance with Anna Kusner (guitar) and Peter Omelchenko (domra) and guest Marina Tolstova (soprano)
  • 5/11/19 7pm:   St. Petersburg Men’s Quartet
  • 6/22/19 7pm:  Dwight Stone – Pianist
  • 8/24/19 7pm:  Marina Tolstova – Soprano, with Musalliance featuring Anna Kusner (guitar) and Peter Omelchenko (domra)
  • 9/28/19 7pm:  Gregory Dufford and Fernanda Nieto – Piano and Clarinet Duet
  • 10/19/19 7pm:  DVC Music Faculty, with Joyce Pricco-Mezzo soprano, Chris Vettel-Baritone, Dr.Bruce Cook-Piano
  • 11/23/19 7pm:  Jerome Lenk - Organist playing all Bach


  • All of our concerts are open to the public, no admission ticket purchases are required.
  • We are a donation-based venue (average donation $20, students $10)  but ALL are welcome to attend, regardless of donation suggestion.
  • Our concerts are on Saturdays, starting at 7:00pm.  We schedule one concert per month.
  • Free parking is available in our church lot across Trinity Avenue. Or, walk nine minutes from Walnut Creek BART station.


Our Venue

  • It is our mission to provide high-quality world-class performances to our local community.  We strive to support professional musicians by providing an excellent venue in Walnut Creek, and offer class-act performances to our local audiences.
  • We hold our performances in the large church at St. Pauls, which houses a first-rate Schlicker 2-manual organ, an excellent Baldwin 9-foot concert grand piano, and superb acoustics due to the design and well-appointed surfaces of redwood, stone, and glass.
  • We are able to seat an audience of 250 capacity.
  • Donations from our concert attendees go predominantly to the performers.  A minor percentage goes to production costs, including support of the church’s instruments and space used for these concerts, and marketing and printing costs.   The St. Paul’s Concert Series operations are not reliant on funds from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, but we are a ministry of the church and are grateful for the support from the church clergy, vestry, and parishioners in housing our venue and being attentive patrons of our concerts.
  • Our venue production team is comprised of volunteer personnel, all of which are musically-active in professional, semi-professional, educational, or amateur/sacred performances.


Contact Us

Please contact us by email at if you have any questions or comments!

Additional information is available on our  St. Paul’s Concert Series Facebook page.

Check out our concert photos on Instagram:  ConcertSeries_StPaulsWC.



2018  Past Performances

  • 1/20/18  7pm: Kevin Ayesh  – Pianist “Through the Ages, Mozart to Gershwin”
  • 2/17/18  7pm:   Konevets Quartet with Guest Soprano, Marina Tolstova
  • 3/10/18 7pm:   William Feasley – Classical Guitarist “Spring Sonatas”
  • 4/21/18 7pm:   Lino Rivera – Pianist “Altered States:  Study of Variations”
  • 5/26/18 7pm:  Richard Cionco – Pianist “Denmark Program”
  • 6/16/18 7pm:  Whirl – Rock Band, featuring Nikki Nation
  • 8/25/18 7pm:  Marina Tolstova – Soprano “Ave Maria”  Dinner and Concert Benefitting Trinity Center
  • 9/22/18 7pm:  Robyn Carmichael – Pianist “Playing Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Liszt”
  • 10/20/18 7pm: Temirzhan Yerzhanov – Pianist “Schumann, Greig, Chopin, Rachmaninov, Tchkaikovsky”
  • 11/10/18 7pm:  ARI Quintet – Strings and Piano
  • 12/8/18 7pm:  Sara Couden – Contralto “Awkward Love”

2017 Past Performances

  • Flute Concert “Amsterdam” Laurel Zucker, flute, with Dwight Stone, piano  9/23
  • Misuzu Tanaka, piano, and Maksim Shtrykov, clarinet  10/13
  • Duo Camaraderie, Sharon Lee Kim, piano; Laura Scarlata, flute; special Guest, Nicola Gruen, violin   10/27
  • Glenn Staller, Classical Guitar  11/18
  • Composer’s Concert  12/1

Other Past Performances

New Life Band of Tanzania; Lino Rivera, piano; Markus Pawlik, piano; Women’s Antique Vocal Ensemble (WAVE); Nika Rejto & Dwight Stone ;(flute & piano); Contra Costa Chorale; Black Cedar Trio; Konevets Quartet; Marina Tolstova; Mark & Cindy Lemaire (vocal guitar duo); Matthew Fish (guitar); Adams & Sullivan (organ & trumpet); Luke Mayernik (“Poetry in Motion”); Piano Improv Concerts I, II, Sondre Høymer (guitar); Richard Cionco (piano); David Auerbach (organ); Piano Composers’ Group of the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society (CCPAS); Christina Sandsengen, classical guitar​ist; Larry Aynesworth, ​classical ​guitar​ist​; Classical Gala West Guitar Competition; Pete Smyth, baritone “The Wandering Minstrel”; John Hillebrandt, pianist, composer​ “Transcendental Hymn Fantasies”​; Martin Morley, pianist​; David Thomas Robert, multimedia composer; and more.