St. Paul’s Concert Series

Welcome to St. Paul’s Concert Series, providing excellent, accessible, affordable concerts here in the community of Walnut Creek. We have a first rate Schlicker 2-manual organ, an excellent Baldwin 9-foot concert grand, and superb acoustics in both the original Chapel and the Sanctuary built of redwood, glass and tile.
Past Performances include:
New Life Band of Tanzania, Lino Rivera (piano), Markus Pawlik (piano), Women’s Antique Vocal Ensemble (WAVE), Nika Rejto & Dwight Stone (flute & piano), Contra Costa Chorale, Black Cedar Trio, Konevets Quartet, Marina Tolstova, Mark & Cindy Lemaire (vocal guitar duo), Matthew Fish (guitar), Adams & Sullivan (organ & trumpet), Luke Mayernik (“Poetry in Motion”), Piano Improv Concerts I, II, Sondre Høymer (guitar), Richard Cionco (piano), David Auerbach (organ), Piano Composers’ Group of the Contra Costa Performing Arts Society (CCPAS), Christina Sandsengen, classical guitar​ist, Larry Aynesworth, ​classical ​guitar​ist​, Classical Gala West Guitar Competition, Pete Smyth, baritone “The Wandering Minstrel”, John Hillebrandt, pianist, composer​ “Transcendental Hymn Fantasies”​, Martin Morley, pianist​, David Thomas Robert, multimedia composer, and more.
Our events are free, open to the public. Donations are welcome. Free parking available across Trinity Ave.

September 23, Saturday at 7 pm: Flute Concert “Amsterdam” with Laurel Zucker, with Dwight Stone, piano, performing Stone’s original compositions for flute and piano.
Stone’s harmonic language lies in the realm between consonance and dissonance while maintaining an aesthetic appeal. Virtuoso flutist Laurel Zucker (Juilliard) is “a forceful advocate for 20th century music,” awarded the Aaron Copland Fund for Music (Fanfare Magazine ).

Additional information is available on our

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