Women’s Annual Retreat

St. Paul’s 2016 Women’s Retreat

October 7-9, 2016

Presenter: the Rev. Jane Stratford, Associate Rector, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Orinda

Where: Villa Maria del Mar, Santa Cruz ~ a place of peace, natural beauty and tranquility overlooking the Monterey Bay www.villamariadelmar.org

Register after the 9:30 am Service or online with a credit card at Acceptiva or pay deposit by check using the Registration Form.

Cost: Double Room $275, Single Room $350 (only 5 single rooms left)

From Rev. Jane

I am an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church currently serving as Associate Rector at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Orinda. I live in Brentwood with my partner Cindy Sodowsky who manages the local UPS store, our much beloved and somewhat spoiled dog, and 2 cats. Between us we have five children and one grandchild. I love the beach, hiking, gardening, reading, knitting, singing, watching TV, cooking for friends, and soccer – watching not playing!

I bring to my ministry the life lessons learned through many years of searching for and wrestling with God’s call, seeking to identify and embrace all of whom God made me to be, lifelong immersion in the Anglican tradition, and experience from a career in social work, as a mother and small business owner, from teaching and most recently from my work as a chaplain with John Muir Health.

As long as I can remember I have had a deep and abiding relationship with God that has seen me through difficult times in my life with faith and hope. My life experiences brought me into relationship with people who are hurting, hungry for the kind of relationship with a loving and faithful God that has sustained me through most of my life, even if they might not recognize it, and I discovered a passion and a gift for accompanying people through these tough times, not expecting to “fix” what is wrong or providing my answers to their problems, but sharing their struggles and inviting them into new understandings of God that offers hope and strength for their journey.

We are fortunate that our Episcopal tradition allows space for many and diverse ways of meeting God within its theology and its liturgy. I feel called to offer people the tools to identify and explore new ways of experiencing and embodying church, especially those who might feel marginalized or excluded by traditional understandings and definitions of God, equipping them to identify where they experience God in their daily lives and how they are called into God’s work of creation and redemption.

I am delighted to be resuming my association with St. Paul’s where I served as a seminarian from 2010-2011 and I am excited about sharing some of my experience and insights, as well as learning more about each and every one of you, and the many and wonderful gifts you each bring to our weekend together.