St. Paul’s Community Center & Affordable Housing Update First Quarter 2016

The parish of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, recognizing that our community service needs have outgrown our current facilities, is developing a new community center facility to house St. Paul’s Ministries, Trinity Center, community groups, and also provide essential workforce housing. St Paul’s development partner in this project is Resources for Community Development (RCD). This is a quarterly report with updates on the development of the multi-use building at 1860 Trinity Avenue, to be named St Paul’s Commons.

  • Added a new Vestry Liaison to the Committee, David Mattern, to replace Richard Kemick who’s Vestry term completed. Richard will stay on the committee as a Parish representative.
  • A formal planning application was submitted in November to the City of Walnut Creek, and accepted. The Committee has been working with our Planner and the City Design Review Committee, and hopes to present the Final Plan at the City Planning Meeting on May 12, 2106.
  • The Committee has been meeting with Walnut Creek Fire Marshal, the leadership at Walnut Creek Presbyterian, and the Project Architect to explore options for fire access on the both the west and east sides of the new building.
  • The project contractor selection process is underway, with hopes of selecting a qualified partner in the next month.
  • The Committee is developing a plan for partnerships and fundraising to assure that Community Center is fully equipped to meet the needs of all the ministries that will use it.
  • Options for relocation of the current tenants during construction are beginning to be explored.

We are excited to report the following approvals have been granted:

  • Contra Costa County Department of Conservation and Development has granted $800,000 to be used for the Tenant Improvements in the Community Center (first floor).
  • The City Of Walnut Creek, at the February City Council Meeting, approved a second predevelopment loan to RCD in the amount of $2.7 million to support the team in moving forward through the planning process. This brings the City of Walnut Creek’s support to a total of $3.5 Million.

The Committee and RCD are working well together, and excited about the progress to date. Look for quarterly updates via email blast, website and Epistle to keep you up to date on the latest developments. A Parish Wide Meeting is planned for June 5th, from 11-12 in the Parish Hall to update all on the project progress. Please feel free to contact the committee members for any questions (Molly Clopp, Charles Couch, Richard Kemink, Donna Colombo, Julie Layne, Jennifer Machado, David Mattern).