St. Paul’s Community Center & Affordable Housing Update: Fourth Quarter 2016

The parish of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, recognizing that our community service needs have outgrown our current facilities, is developing a new community center facility to house St. Paul’s Ministries, Trinity Center, community groups, and also provide affordable housing. St Paul’s development partner in this project is Resources for Community Development (RCD). This is a quarterly report with updates on the development of the multi-use building at 1860 Trinity Avenue, to be named St Paul’s Commons.

The project has a multi-source funding application process. The Committee and RCD continue to work on multiple viable funding sources, and will be submitting applications for County funding as well as a number of other special needs funds. The City of Walnut Creek and HUD have verbally indicated their intention to increase support for the project. We now anticipate ground breaking at the very end of 2017 or early 2018.


  • The team continues to work closely with the General Contractor for the project, Midstate Construction, the Design Team as well as Pyatok architects, to refine the plans. Final plans will be submitted to the City of Walnut Creek for a building permit by the end of 2016.
  • The relocation consultant is working actively on our relocation plan to assure St. Paul’s Ministries (including Trinity Center) can continue to operate during the construction phase.
  • The Vestry and Interim Rector continue to be very supportive of the project, as is the City of Walnut Creek leadership.

One of the most common questions that comes up pertains to how the “Tenant Improvements” or interior design and finishing of the first floor will be funded. The plan all along has been that it will be funded by a lease payment from the developer, and not by St. Paul’s. The Committee hopes to fund the purchase of unattached things like desks, tables, chairs, etc, by working with a number of corporate partners that have come forward in support of the great work we are doing.

The Committee and RCD are excited about the progress to date. Look for quarterly updates via website and Epistle to keep you up to date on the latest developments. Also, the project team will be taking over a bulletin space in the parish hall to post updates. Please feel free to contact the committee members for any questions (Molly Clopp, Charles Couch, Richard Kemink, Donna Colombo, Julie Layne, Jennifer Machado and David Mattern).