From the Desk of Rev. Audrey

Dear Good People of St. Paul’s,

I have been delighted to spend the past several weeks with you, getting to know who you are as a faithful community of God. I enjoy my nomadic ministry that takes me from parish to parish and I find much comfort in the rhythms of who we are as Episcopalians. I have gained such a wonderful insight into God’s work in the world throughout my various assignments and I hope that I am able to give at least as much as I am given.

As I look forward to our months together I am eager to continue to hear from you each. I truly enjoy hearing about what excites you here at St. Paul’s and why it is you call this special place your spiritual home. What you bring to the family is unique and your very presence is what makes St. Paul’s the blessed community that she is. Though we may be bound by a prayer book and a creed, I can assure you that no two parishes are the same – not by a long shot!

I invite you each to reflect back on the Advent and Christmas season, recall the vividness of the celebrations and the subtleties of the change from one service to the next. I would even ask that you find a place to pause and linger. Take some time to rest where you found refreshment and joy and allow that to hold you in place and carry you forward.

As you ponder those sweet places the challenge is then to turn your attention to the future. It won’t be long until we find ourselves in the midst of Lent and a time to really dive deeply into our being and our beliefs and our relationship with God. The big questions and the small ones: who am I, what is my place in God’s kingdom, how do I serve God and God’s fragile world – the season of Lent gives us an opportunity to contemplate in a new way these questions.

I pray for you each. I ask you to pray for me.