From the Desk of Rev. Jeff

Dear St. Paul’s,

I got a chuckle when I tried to mark the bible at Family Camp for the readings for Sunday service, and realized the bible we’d brought didn’t include the Apocrypha. This might not register to you as a big deal, but when the first reading is from Judith in the lectionary, a protestant bible won’t get you what you need!

Growing up without the Apocrypha, I didn’t know how crucial its writings are to the thinking of the writers of the New Testament. Truth is, those writings and similar ones to them have a central influence on our story. This got me thinking about what to offer for forums this fall. It seems some scriptural exploration is in order. An exploration of the 2nd Temple Era and its literature is pretty important to understand our origin stories in Scripture. I also want to do a comparison between Paul’s letter to the Galatians and James’ Epistle, which are in opposition to each other. Perhaps both of these explorations might give us a better sense of how we got to where we are in our tradition? Keep your eyes peeled for forum opportunities this fall to dive into Scripture!

Rev. Jeffrey A. Dodge