The Communication Ministry manages all communications for St. Paul’s, including the website and The Epistle Newsletter.

One great way to learn about the church is to be on the Communications Team.  Please consider helping us out for an hour or two a month.  No experience necessary, will train.  Your efforts can make a difference.  Please speak with or write to the Communications Vestry Chair, Emily Hopkins, or for more information, email

People learn of Church activities in different ways.  Some prefer postcards or letters announcing upcoming events.  Some prefer gathering information electronically or receiving emails.  Some of us need to be called directly, and hear a voice reach out to us.  Some of us just prefer non-electronic means of hearing news.

Effective communication is essential to our community and our church. It is what we do – we talk to people; we talk to God; we give thanks and praise through music.  To help us communicate with our own parishioners and the wider community, we design brochures, signs, banners, and newspaper ads, and send out e-mails advertising both regular and special events.  Effective communication links us to our community, keeps our parish members informed and involved, and offers invitation to all who are interested in getting acquainted with St. Paul’s.

The Epistle Editors are Nancy Adolphson, Linnea Jessup and Rhea Williams.  Email:
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The Web

Most people now learn of St. Paul’s through internet searching and our website.  We are always seeking a ways to make our site clearer, cleaner, easier to use and find on the internet.  The internet is also the best way for members to find out about internal activities, as well as potential members to see what St. Paul’s could offer them.

Other efforts involve our targeted e-mail blasts and our outdoor signs.