The Communication Ministry coordinates communications for St. Paul’s, including the website and The Epistle newsletter. Click on The Epistle Archive to read past issues.

Communications Vestry Chair Emily Hopkins invites anyone who enjoys social media. or who has writing or photography skills, or who has experience or interest in learning WordPress for web site management to be part of the communication team. Contact Emily at

We publicize church activities with traditional and new media, including postcards, letters, telephone calls, emails, a newsletter and web site, as well as face-to-face communication.

We produce brochures, signs, banners, newspaper ads and e-mails to advertise regular and special events.  Our goals are to keep our parish members informed and involved, to connect with our community, and invite people to visit St. Paul’s and experience our dynamic family of faith.

The editor of our bi-monthly parish newsletter, The Epistle, is Rhea Williams. Photography by Ned Soares and others. Production by Sara O’Bryan. Email: