St. Paul’s Community Center & Affordable Housing Update: Second Quarter 2017

This is a quarterly report with updates on the development of our project to build a new facility including a community center to house St. Paul’s Ministries, Trinity Center, community groups, and provide affordable housing building at 1860 Trinity Avenue, to be named St Paul’s Commons.

The project has a multi-source funding application process. The Committee and RCD continue to work on multiple viable funding sources, and we have been submitting applications for HUD and County funding as well as a number of other special needs funds. Our recent low-income housing tax credit application to the Tax Credit Allocation Committee (TCAC) was one of 90 applications, but based on the strengths of our application we feel confident we will get an award this round. We continue to anticipate ground breaking at the very end of 2017 or early 2018.


At their meeting on July 6th, the Episcopal Diocesan Standing Committee endorsed the project and St Paul’s fine work.

The relocation consultant is working actively on our relocation plan to assure St Paul’s Ministries (including Trinity Center) can continue to operate during the construction phase.

The Vestry and Interim Rector continue to be very supportive of the project, as is the City of Walnut Creek leadership.

The Committee and RCD are excited about the progress to date. Look for continued quarterly updates via website and Epistle to keep you informed on the latest developments. Also, the project team has taken over a bulletin space in the Parish Hall to post updates. Please feel free to contact the committee members for any questions (Molly P Clopp, Charles Couch, Richard Kemink, Donna Colombo, Julie Layne, Jennifer Machado, and David Mattern)