From the Desk of Rev. Krista

Dear St. Paul’s:

I love this time of year. I love decorating the tree, putting up the lights and preparing for the holiday parties. It is my favorite part of the season. Even as a little girl I was the kid who had to bring out ALL of the decorations. I couldn’t wait to decorate Pimlico for the first time.

Last Sunday afternoon was my prime opportunity to start decorating for the Holidays. I pulled out all of the Christmas boxes and started working on the tree. We have a beautiful pre lit tree (my husband is allergic to the pine so we have a fake tree). I carefully assembled all of the sections, looked at it’s beautiful glory and plugged it in….
Nothing… Well not exactly nothing– Half of the lights worked.
Only half. I guess I must be an half un lit person.

Undeterred, I started problem solving, I checked the bulbs and they were clearly burned out. At first it looked like just a few, so I started replacing bulbs. After one hour and over a dozen bulbs I thought- this is ridiculous, time to replace the lights.

I drove to Target and discovered a mass of people and empty shelves. It looked like everyone needed new Christmas lights- not one box in sight. Two stores later I found the last two boxes LED warm lights in Walnut Creek. OMG

Back home with renewed energy, I started unwinding and winding new lights on this tree. It was more tedious than I would have imagined and two hours later I ran out of lights… As I write this Tuesday morning my living room looks like a Christmas tree massacre. Sections of the tree laid out on the carpet, light bulbs everywhere and strands of dead lights half raveled on the tree.
Oh my, this is a nightmare.

Happy Advent!

Some years my Advent looks and feels like my living room. Today’s daily reflection in All I really want: Reading for a Modern Christmas by Quinn Caldwell helps me remember that Advent and Christmas isn’t about that half lit Christmas tree on my living room floor.

Jesus isn’t as concerned with being Christmassy as you might think he would be. Sometimes he is positively not in the holiday spirit…. Everyone always talks about how busy they get around Christmas time… You’d think with all these Christians going full steam ahead during the Christmassy time of year the world would take a giant step forward at the end of every year towards paradise each December…. Perhaps we are not busy with exactly the right things.

May this Advent Christ show you light in your world bigger than the light coming from my Christmas Tree.

The Rev. Krista Fregoso