From the Desk of Rev. Audrey

Dear People of God -

We now have our search committee selected and they are well under way meeting and forming themselves into a team. We pray for them all everyday!

Our Easter services and celebrations were glorious and we will soon welcome Pentecost and Baptisms and then the long green season of ordinary time.

Wow! It seems as though I’ve been with you now for many months and yet I also feel as if I am just getting to know you each. I have had the blessed opportunity to hear stories of sorrow and joy and to join with you in milestone events that mark who you are and how you define who you are. We have celebrated new life and we have celebrated life lived.

I cannot describe the continuing joy that I feel in being here with you all, at this time, in this space, and through these events. I thank you each for continuing to welcome the stranger who walks among us as if we are welcoming the very angels of God into our household. I thank you for all the many ministries that you are dedicated to and serving with such compassion and love.

As we now face forward into this ordinary time of the church calendar it is time for us all to begin to think about the extraordinary. The extraordinary events that mark us who we are, the extraordinary faith that calls to us on this journey, the extraordinary service that we do and that is done on our behalf. I ask you each to give freely to this great conversation that will help to distill who St. Paul’s is and will also shape into a “readable” format our future.

This is an exciting time for St. Paul’s and I encourage us all to take advantage of this time of exploration. We have the gift and opportunity to examine and reexamine, to try something different, to evaluate what we’ve been doing, to question the why’s and the why not’s with a new perspective. This is a gift of space within that which is ordinary to risk doing something extraordinary.


I continue to invite you to come and talk to me – about whatever – for it is together that we make this journey.