From the Desk of Rev. Audrey

Dear People of God -

We are now at an amazing place in the life of St. Paul’s, we hold gently to our beloved history that has helped to guide us to this place and at the same time we are boldly moving forward into a great new future!

The search committee continues to be hard at work compiling important details of who St. Paul’s is and where it is she wants to go, very hard work I might add, and at the same time this committee of the dedicated is looking ahead at what the next steps are and the best way to walk that path forward. They continue to keep the vestry updated about their progress and move timelines as needed to complete the work. I know that you are each praying for the search committee and will continue to hold them in prayer for the ongoing journey ahead.

It is important that you remain engaged with the parish community and ministry and that you ask questions and offer your unique voice in this process as it unfolds. I remind you that if you have questions or concerns that you come to see me, I am always eager to engage with you in whatever questions you may have. As an old teacher I know that the only way to know something is to ask!

We will be moving into Advent very soon and a new Christian year will begin. I hope that as you face forward to a new season that you  find unending joy and happiness.