From the Desk of Rev. Audrey

Dear People of God -

We have begun the year 2018 and come together in our annual meeting to review the year of 2017 and set our sights for 2018 and beyond. With a growing vestry and a growing budget and a growing congregation St. Paul’s is poised to to welcome a another Rector with strength and with passion and with generosity. This continues to be an exciting time for St. Paul’s and I continue to feel blessed to be a small part of this time with you.

Your new vestry had a busy and informative retreat at Bishops Ranch. We talked about some fundamentals and we talked about the search and we talked about the excitement of what is to come. I don’t often get the opportunity to facilitate a “regular” vestry retreat as usually I am focused on the transition and only the transition. What a refreshing time for me as well to spend time in the business and the spiritual growth of this leadership body.

The search committee is deeply involved in the process of interviews and that quiet that you hear…well it’s the busy work that they are busily up to! I humbly ask that you continue to offer prayers and space and trust in this group of people and support them with your generosity of spirit and confidence in the task that they are about. I feel certain that the outcome of this vital task will be a welcome blessing for you and for the incoming priest.

I continue to pray for you all and I ask that you continue to pray for me.